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the title of the book is a pun, how can you not love that
itsirtou wrote in books_n_tunes
I just got done with this last night so now is a good time to talk about it.  Full disclosure: I love zombies

also I thought it would be appropriate since it's a book about zombies AND blogging, so. 

From Amazon:

"Urban fantasist Seanan McGuire (Rosemary and Rue) picks up a new pen name for this gripping, thrilling, and brutal depiction of a postapocalyptic 2039. Twin bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason and their colleague Buffy are thrilled when Sen. Peter Ryman, the first presidential candidate to come of age since social media saved the world from a virus that reanimates the dead, invites them to cover his campaign. Then an event is attacked by zombies, and Ryman's daughter is killed. As the bloggers wield the newfound power of new media, they tangle with the CDC, a scheming vice presidential candidate, and mysterious conspirators who want more than the Oval Office. Shunning misogynistic horror tropes in favor of genuine drama and pure creepiness, McGuire has crafted a masterpiece of suspense with engaging, appealing characters who conduct a soul-shredding examination of what's true and what's reported."

Honestly, the style of her writing is kind of weird and distracting at first -- it's in first-person (from Georgia's perspective) and it feels for a while like she's trying TOO hard to be flippant and hip.  But I got over that really quickly and the narrative style grows on you.  

probably the coolest thing about it, though, is how she explores what culture is like about 30+ years after a zombie virus is released and zombies are still a threat.  Humanity has just kind of absorbed it and it's become a part of everyday life, but everything still has changed.  the way she describes it is fascinating.  For example, the virus (Kellis-Amberlee virus) can only reanimate mammals of 40+ pounds, so there's a law that some people are pushing to make it illegal to own pets that are 40+ pounds.  And of course there are fringe fanatics who want to kill off all large wild animals.  Stuff like that.  The way she describes it is fear v. terror -- fear is when you think, "I shouldn't stick my hand in that there alligator's mouth."  Terror is when you think, "I never want to go to Florida because there are alligators there." 

I like the way she brings in blogging, too -- when Kellis-Amberlee first starting reanimating the dead, the news media kind of laughed it off and it was only independent bloggers who helped people realize what was going on, so now blogging is a huge deal.

also, I'm no biologist, but that aspect of her books is fascinating, too -- how the virus formed, how it works, etc.  the politics interested me a little less, but it was still interesting, I guess.  her political characters felt really one-dimensional compared to everyone else, though.

anyway, for all zombie fans who happen to blog, this is definitely recommended.


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I added her years ago when she was metaquoted. She's coolbeans.

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